So far so good… but a lot of work

If you recall from my last few posts, two of my new chickens turned out to be roosters and they had to, well, be eaten. So I, as a backyard poultry man, decided to get two new hens to replace my losses and bring my total count up back up to five. A generous woman gave me two Barred Rocks, two months younger than the rest.

Well, the older hens just chased and pecked and made life generally miserable for the two little Barred Rocks. I would separate the alpha bird, our Gold Sex Link, and the little ones would be okay; the Americauna and the lovely Buff Orphington would let the Barred Rocks eat and drink.

But reintroduce that Gold Sex Link hen – the dominant bird – and those little Barred Rocks would be running…. Up the sides of the coop, up on the chicken wire fence… they just simply had to get out of the way.

So, in short, it didn’t work. The old saw is true…. birds of a feather….

So, to problem solve, I Balkanized my coop. In other words, I strung chicken wire up and divided the coop so the little ones can feel safe. They now have their own separate water, feeder and roost.

And, because not only did they need their own space, but they needed their own run, I – with a friend, John – added a whole new fenced in run with clear, hard plastic roofing. John, a pleasant man of some whit, called it adding a duplex to my coop.  It’s been a ton of work, for well, two eggs a day…. But things I won’t do for a hobby.

So, with that, I’m signing off..   Next blog post, I promise, pictures!

Thanks for reading and thanks for your comments…


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2 Responses to So far so good… but a lot of work

  1. Brigit says:

    When we introduce new (younger) birds we put them in the coop at night (when it is dark) then in the AM when everyone wakes up they seem to not realize that the newbies haven’t always been there. So far we have had good luck with this method. Sometimes tho you do just have a “meanie” in the group and you have to decide what to do about that.

  2. Love your post!!!!!! In this article you mention about Gold Sex Link hen. But I am sorry to say that I am not familiar with this. So, can you tell me little bit about it?????????

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