thoughts on a mild winter

it’s been a pretty easy winter… I’m keeping up with clean water changes every morning – my hens use an electric dog bowl heater to keep the ice from taking over during our Minnesota cold snaps.

Since my hens don’t have access to grass I’ve been making fresh sprouts and them those fresh greens in the morning. The afternoon is scratch (along with whole shell black oil sunflower seeds for fat, fiber and protein). Keeping a light on in the morning I’ve been able to get a lay rate of over 80%, not bad. I think it’s the extra nutrition from the sprouts and the extra calories from the scratch.

The hens still like to go outside and look for food. The winter hasn’t stop them. In particular my gold sex links are escape artists- they love to leave the run.  Anyone having winter-related challenges with their chickens?

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  1. Wanna B Sure says:

    For “greens”, we used to break an occasional bale of alfalfa for the chickens in winter. They loved it, and made for darker orange yokes.

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