what I was doing wrong

My hens were sleeping in the nesting boxes and every night I’d pull them out and put them on the roosts. Until I realized the mistake I was making – the roosts were way too low, lower than the nesting boxes.

As a result, I’ve ripped out two of the unused nesting boxes and put in a new roost made out of 2x2s and it’s made a huge difference. The hens aren’t sleeping in the nesting boxes and are up on the roost. As a result, the remaining nesting box is cleaner, which means cleaner eggs..

This was something I clearly should have thought of earlier….

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One Response to what I was doing wrong

  1. chickndaddy says:

    My hens do exactly the same thing. I just finished my coop project in early March, and have only had my girls for about a month now. I installed 2×4’s for roosting, which just don’t work at all. Instead of roosting, they all pile into the nesting boxes at night. I’m replacing the boards with recycled garden tool handles this weekend. I hope it changes our sleeping arrangements!

    Enjoyed your site. :)

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